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Max Inferno – Hot Air Curing System is a compact electric portable heating unit designed to increase your production by decreasing curing time. Built inside a steel toolbox, this unit creates digitally controlled dry heat and regulated air which is pushed through the liner using regulated compressed air. Ideal for curing vertical drain applications, drop sewers, or limited access.

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Why do I want to use Hot Air vs. Water to cure my vertical liners?  

Curing begins as soon as you mix the components of the resin, and depending on exposure to UV light and the temperature, the cure time can range from minutes to hours. (For assistance with cure times, be sure to download the Maxliner App).

So, for installers that work in cold temperatures in the winter, many choose Max’s small electric portable heating curing unit over water, to avoid water hoses freezing, as well as surface areas icing over. In hilly areas with varying elevations, deep sewers or drastic pipe fall, water disposal and weight may be an added burden that the hot air system eliminates. 

Another added bonus is that it doesn’t have to sit outside, you can bring it into the house or commercial building to cure the liner. Thus, installers love the convenience of hot air as well as it requires much less maintenance, no hoses, and job site safety!  It is also the perfect solution for contractors who are diversifying into the vertical stack market in commercial buildings.  

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