Max MicroCutter


Max MicroCutter – Pneumatic Robotic Pipe Cutter. Application ranges from 4” (100mm) lined pipe up to 8” (200mm) and can navigate through a lined 4-inch 45° bend. Perfect introductory tool for reinstating side connections and branch lines. The cutter comes standard with 60’ of air supply hose, the option of flexible pushrods or push hose and steering T-handle with cutter heads, skids, tools and extra accessories included in a storage case.

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The best value on the market and the simplest robotic cutter for reinstatement. Other styles cost 4x as much as Maxliner’s. Perfect for an installer who works on jobs with multiple reinstatements with bends up to 45°. It is the most inexpensive way for installers to have the tool they need. It runs off of air, with a t-handle, when you turn it to the right, the cutter turns right, turn the handle to the left, cutter goes left!  Click on the buttons to raise the head up and down. Since most of our Maxliner installers already use the high CFM output air compressor, power is already supplied, as it runs off the same compressor. The robotic cutter fits the Maxliner system very well.

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