Epoxy Resins For Pipes

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100% Solids Epoxy Resin Combinations

To compliment our assortment of liner options, MaxLiner offers 100% solids epoxy resins for CIPP rehabilitation.  When liners are installed, they are first saturated with a thermosetting resin to ensure they adhere to the host pipe as closely as possible while they are curing, the result being a hard, smooth and durable new pipe inside the old pipe. To achieve this, we exclusively offer epoxy resin for pipes, vs. vinyl or polyester resin for several reasons. 

Epoxy resins for pipes do not contain any potentially dangerous fumes, VOCs or strong odors, and it does not shrink as it cures. This is especially important when lining indoor commercial, industrial and residential plumbing vertical and lateral pipes. Epoxy resin is not pre-mixed, because of its relatively shorter curing time, so it is mixed on-site and inverted into the lateral pipe to cure. The benefit of this is that the epoxy resin cures fairly quickly, which means the pipes can be returned to service quickly.

We offer a variety of combinations to fit your project requirements. Our non-shrinking, VOC and styrene-free pipe epoxy resins yield physical properties above minimal industry requirements, achieve a superior bond to the host substrate and create a leak-free, tight fitting pipe liner.

Resins and hardeners are available with a variety of hardeners that afford installers either a short pot life for fast curing applications to an extended pot life for a more controlled installation. 

Maxliner also offers a digital scale to assist in the resin mixing process. The Max Scale® allows for accurately weighing the correct amount of resin and hardener required for a full saturation of the liner following the our recommended installation guidelines, which are now easier than ever before when you download the Maxliner App.

Choosing the correct liner and resin is only part of equation. Whichever you choose for your particular project, we’ve taken the paperwork and calculations out of the process. We didn’t just create a resin calculator, we integrated all of our Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Installation Log into our new Mobile App so each project can be digitally logged, saved and shared back to the office, or with the client.