Max HotKick 2.0


Max HotKick 2.0 – Mobile Hot Water Curing System with built-in recirculating pump. The unit is a powerful propane fueled system, and comes complete with a 3″ – 8″ curing manifold, pressure relief Kunkle valve, two 25′ long red and black recirculation hoses, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, safety pull strap and band clamps to secure the liner and calibration tube.

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Plumbers love the Max Hotkick 2.0, because it is essentially a portable tankless hot water heater, which they are very familiar with, so it is an easy tool to learn, maintain and use for curing.

The advantage of water cure is its consistency, just as consistent as gravity. Also, once you bring up the temperature, it maintains and stays at that temperature. The water weight helps the cured liner look better, because the water really presses tightly against the existing pipe wall, especially in the turns of the liner. It is very safe to use indoors, as it runs on propane, so it can be taken into a basement or other tight spaces. It runs off of standard domestic power. Our clients say they love not only how compact it is, but how clean it is and well.

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