Max VacPump


Max VacPump – Our NEWLY designed CIPP vacuum pump system is compatible with our MaxRegulator. Built inside a military-grade Pelican case, this extremely portable unit is quiet & simple to use. By joining with the MaxRegulator (as shown in the first pic,) it utilizes air pressure to create an adjustable vacuum – ideal for pulling proper vacuum level, on any of your liner wet-out needs. This can be mobile on-site or permanently mounted to your compressor.. The unit includes a pressure gauge, 10’ of hose, suction cup and ¼” pneumatic quick-connect couplings. *Max VacPump and MaxRegulator sold separately.

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The benefits to CIPP contractors of using a CIPP vacuum pump is compliance and ensuring the air in the liner material is completely replaced by resin.


CIPP lateral sewer lining is governed by ASTM F-1216 (inverting) or ASTM F-1743 (pulling in place) (ASTM F-1743), which detail how to prepare and install CIPP liners in an existing pipe.

7.2 Resin Impregnation—The tube should be vacuum impregnated with resin (wet-out) under controlled conditions. The volume of resin used should be sufficient to fill all voids in the tube material at nominal thickness and diameter. The volume should be adjusted by adding 5 to 10 % excess resin for the change in resin volume due to polymerization and to allow for any migration of resin into the cracks and joints in the original pipe.

Ensuring the pipe is lined right! Vacuuming during impregnation ensures all the air in the liner material is replaced by resin.  If the void left is not impregnated with resin, roots can grow through the liner over time.  In addition, wet-out will take considerably longer adding labor costs to your liner installations.