Max US Scale


Max US Scale -The digital Max Scale allows for accurately weighing the correct amount of resin and hardener following the calculation and procedure guidelines. Equipped with a backlight to precisely weigh the resins to the hundredth of a pound or gram in low-lighting areas. The battery-powered scale can be used anywhere and comes in a hard plastic carrying case.

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The most accurate digital scale for resin, measuring to the 1/100th, which is very important for resin ratios. Most scales we have encountered in the CIPP industry only read out to one decimal, or 1/10th point, which makes resin ratios a guessing game. For example, using a resin digital scale that only measures to the tenth, as an installer begins pouring resin, with the ratio calling for for.26, once the installer gets to .2, he or she will add a couple more drops and approximate the .06 needed, but often ends up at .4 . Doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you multiply that for a job after job, it adds up to a lot of waste.  

This scale is also very sensitive, which leads to less lag time between increments. The backlight is also a great enhancement, as lighting is often poor in the field. The battery power allows installers the luxury of not running an extra extension cord. All this value, and it comes in a great carrying case for durability in the field!