Max LinerTube™ SCRIM


Max LinerTube™ SCRIM– Flexible scrim reinforced tube that is TPU extrusion coated and laminated. Liner is a non-woven, needle punched polyester fiber with a 100% continuous polyester filament scrim integrated into the fabric to limit longitudinal stretch.  Tube forming and seam bonding achieved through a specially designed thermal welding and/or stitched sewn process-creating a superior enhanced performance liner.

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3" x 3mm Stitched, 4" x 3mm Thermal Weld, 4" x 3mm Stitched, 4" x 3mm Thermal Weld, 5" x 3mm Stitched, 5" x 3mm Thermal Weld, 6" x 3mm Stitched, 6" x 3mm Thermal Weld, 8" x 3mm Stitched, 8" x 3mm Thermal Weld, 10" x 4.5mm Stitched, 10" x 4.5mm Thermal Weld, 12" x 4.5mm Stitched, 12" x 4.5mm Thermal Weld


330', 165'